Medical Marijuana

Love it or hate it, medical marijuana has become a very debated topic for many.  Here in Canada, it has (for awhile now) been approved for medicinal use and the time is fast approaching that it will be legal for recreational use.  There have been studies on both ends of the spectrum as to whether or not it can help with a myriad of health issues, including mental health.

There are lots of reports and studies done that give hard evidence of medical marijuana’s beneficial effects.  I will admit, I am a big advocate for its medicinal use, so I am totally biased here.  To me, the old school thought that it’s a “gateway drug” (stupid term anyways), or this great evil that must be avoided is absurd.  I’ve seen what many of the prescribed drugs do to people and pot doesn’t do anything like that.

That’s not to say that all the prescribed drugs are bad, it just depends on the person and how it affects them.  The same can be said for marijuana, this is for sure.  From what I’ve seen though, the benefits are too great and “side effects” too less, to keep sweeping it under the rug.  The article below really opens up the door for a solid push for the US government to start reconsidering its stance on pot.

Even with medicinal marijuana legal in Florida, the federal government says it’s a crime. Claybaker and other soldiers can’t get a prescription from the VA and their insurance won’t cover it. The out-of-pocket costs to buy a month’s supply from a dispensary can be upwards of $500.

The American Legion polled its 2 million members – war veterans – and found that 92 percent favored marijuana research. In addition, 22 percent reported using marijuana for medical reasons.

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