Veterans Affairs pays for murderer’s PTSD treatment

Veterans Affairs pays for murderer’s PTSD treatment

There’s no doubt that this article will infuriate many, including myself.  As the article states, Christopher Garnier was convicted of murdering a Nova Scotia police officer in 2015.  His mental health treatments have been funded by Veterans Affairs because his father was a serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces and was also suffering from PTSD.

From my understanding of the policies governing Veterans Affairs, if a member’s/previously serving member’s mental health would be improved from their family receiving mental health support, then that is the course of action to take.  The basic premise is that a family serves alongside the member.  Got it and totally agree.  This policy makes sense in a “normal” circumstance for which it was intended for, not in the case.

This, on a personal level, makes a mockery of the spirit of the policy.  This jackass qualifies for Veterans Affairs support because he checks all the boxes, while the context of the support is lost.  All this while I’ve seen many friends fight Veterans Affairs for any support whatsoever.  Not only that, he can receive mental health support within the corrections institution, thereby not using up much needed resources from veterans.

From my standpoint, this boils down to the rigidity of government policies and the lack of common sense and humanity when applying them.  The binary application of policies does not work when dealing with the human side of things.  This, coupled with the fact that veterans are struggling to get support, is a huge slap in the face.  Common sense just isn’t that common.

Below is an excerpt followed by a link to the original story by the CBC.

Christopher Garnier is serving a life sentence for second-degree murder and indignity to a human body in the 2015 death of Truro, N.S., police officer Catherine Campbell while she was off duty. (CBC) The decision by Veterans Affairs Canada to pay for the treatment for a Halifax man who never served in the military and got PTSD after murdering off-duty police officer Catherine Campbell is upsetting an advocate for veterans as well as a member of Campbell’s family.

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