Soldier Compassion

The sad, sad truth that this is still happening over and over again.  I almost have this idea that soon after the member is done their time or once the fighting is over, that our organizations just tend to wash their hands of things.  Really, why is it that no one keeps track of PTSD related deaths of veterans?  Why is it that it is so difficult to get the support needed after someone releases from the military?  And, why does it take so long to get help when it’s needed?

It just drives me when I read articles like this.

Former soldiers have called for a Ministry of Defence investigation into the deaths At least 23 British military sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder have died in suspected suicides this year. The toll is more than double the total of 11 soldiers killed fighting Afghanistan’s Taliban from 2013-14. It is thought eight serving or ex-forces staffers killed themselves in the last six weeks – three in five days.

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