Nova Scotia broadens PTSD benefits for first responders

This article out of the Canadian Occupational Safety site illustrates a dramatic shift in policies regarding PTSD benefits.  Taking a play from the recent change in Florida, Nova Scotia has now updated their legislation.

This is really great news for first responders.  Unfortunately, and this is something that is brought up in the article, it doesn’t take into account some professions that would definitely benefit.

This is a solid start for sure, and other provinces should follow suit in my humble opinion.  Hopefully soon we’ll see more changes to policies and inclusion of more professions that end up getting the short end of the stick on this.

HALIFAX (CP) — Nova Scotia first responders with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) will have an easier time accessing workers’ compensation benefits beginning Oct. 26.

The province has eliminated a requirement that those in emergency response occupations must prove that a PTSD diagnosis is work-related.

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