Most ACC claims for police PTSD rejected

A disheartening article from New Zealand with regards to police PTSD claims being rejected most of the time.  For them, as is for many first responders around the world, the case for a PTSD claim can only be justified by a single horrific event or with physical injury.

As has been documented so often, the day to day traumas that they experience can very easily lead to PTSD.  The reason being is they can be released from employment because of mental health reasons.  Then what happens, no professional support whatsoever and most probably, no way to get any.

So what’s a person suffering from PTSD supposed to do?  Many will just suffer in silence and keep working without really being able to seek help.

My guess is that most of the policy makers on this don’t know the job and what it entails, and have never been through PTSD, anxiety and depression.  A complete lack of understanding if you ask me.

They should take a lesson from how the state of Florida does things.

Police staff have made 29 accident compensation claims for PTSD, mental health or anxiety disorder in the last half-decade but only six have been accepted.

Police manage their own accident compensation claims through a company called Gallagher Bassett. After five years claims can be transferred to ACC.

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