Mental Effects of Natural Disasters

Mental Effects of Natural Disasters

Whatever our beliefs in climate change, this article hits on a very good point that many tend to forget.  The mental effects of natural disasters can be more devastating to many than the physical effects.  I strongly agree that the will to rebuild lives can be hampered by the mental anguish that many suffer after a catastrophe like a flood or storm.

Oddly enough, this, for me, seems to tie into a curated article I did about Israeli soldiers.  The sense of community and group love to help each other and rebuild together has a hugely positive affect.  When people no longer feel alone and those around them understand them, then the negative mental effects of natural disasters can be minimized.

Some of the statements in this curated article I don’t necessarily agree with (like that women are more prone), but the underlying premise of the article is good.  Given that there have been a few bad storms that have destroyed so many lives south of our border, I really think now is a great time to be a community and support each other.

Climate change impacts not only our physical health but also our mental health with anxiety, post-traumatic disorders and depression setting in people who have suffered from floods, cyclonic storms and heat waves. A recent study, published in the journal of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has collected data of over a decade and compared it with the sudden climate change and heat waves to understand its impact.

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