How Clover the PTSD service dog changed one man’s life

How Clover the PTSD service dog changed one man’s life

There are quite a few PTSD treatments out there and none should be in isolation.  One of Jody Salway’s is through having his PTSD service dog Clover.

I’ve covered service animals previously, and I strongly believe in their ability to help us cope.  Although not designated a service animal, Slush (my oldest cat) picked me to be her slave forever.  She has always been there for me and has at times been that light I’ve needed.

There is so much animals can teach us about ourselves, maybe we should listen.  There is just something about the deepest friendship with no judgements that can really help in coping with the struggles of PTSD.

If you’re struggling, please look into a PTSD service dog, or any service animal for that matter.

Once a Patricia, always a Patricia…thank you Jody, you’re an inspiration for all of us struggling with PTSD.

Jody Salway and Clover, his service dog for PTSD, have become an inseparable team over the two years they have worked together. (CBC) Jody Salway was involved in a friendly fire incident in 2006 while serving in Afghanistan.

Seven years later he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Since last year, Clover has been by his side almost every waking moment of every day to help Salway cope.

“It was about 2012, 2013 when I was diagnosed with PTSD and I wasn’t really sure what treatment I wanted to go for,” Salway told CBC Radio’s Saskatchewan Weekend. “Through the network that I had, I had started seeing people get service dogs.”

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I am a currently serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces as well as an individual struggling with PTSD. For me, this site is to help myself and those who are in the same boat as me. I am also the site owner and admin, so please, if there are any questions or concerns, let me know. -We are not alone-

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