Charity advocating for first responders with PTSD shuts down

This is an unfortunate turn of events for the Tema Conter Foundation.  They are a Canadian charity who advocates for first responders and sadly, they are shutting down.  The founder of the charity, Vince Savoia did not specify why but indicated that over the next few months they’ll wind down operations.

It is really too bad that they are shutting down considering that PTSD and the stigma that surrounds it is still prevalent in the first responder community.  They’ve done great work over the past 18 years and supported many.  Hopefully a solid charity organization can fill the void.

Thank you to all at the Tema Conter Foundation for your outstanding work over the years.  You will be missed by many.

When Toronto police investigator Melissa Elaschuk spoke at Medics for Mental Health recently on behalf of the Tema Conter Foundation, she was just trying her best to represent the organization that she respected so much.

She wanted to live up to the foundation’s amazing reputation as a pioneer in advocating mental health supports for first responders.

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