Combat PTSD

CNN has put out an article indicating that, overall, there has been a rise in documented PTSD cases in the UK.  The article gives a few reasons why this could be the case, but the one that really sticks out in my mind is a greater degree of awareness and less stigma surrounding the issue.

What this tells me is that more and more veterans are seeking much needed help instead of keeping it to themselves.  This is great news, but until it reaches 100% seeking the help they need, then we need to do more.

War exacts a terrible toll on everyone involved.  The least that can be done is to ensure that all get help when they need it…it’s the least that can be done.

(CNN)Of current and former members of the British military, rates of post-traumatic stress disorder are highest among combat veterans who recently left the service, a new study finds.

The research also found a rise in the number of current and former military members showing symptoms of the disorder, known as PTSD, between 2004 and 2014.

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